Behind the Scenes at the DreamBoy Hotel Set!

As you might all know, Eurocreme has been going through some big changes, creating a unique web-series you can follow online like your favourite soap or series, just with some hot twink sex thrown in for good measure, all based at the DreamBoy Hotel!  Now, we couldn’t just take over the local Travelodge or B&B believe me we tried.. so the next best thing, and to avoid a certain Ms Polizzi casting her eye over the place, was to build our own hotel in our offices! It has seen its fair share of action since! The DreamBoy Hotel Orgy and the debut of Billy Rubens have all graced the set! It took a lot of meetings to start a hotel from scratch, so many ideas and suggestions, should it be mad and conceptual, or 70’s themed, as close to hotel as possible or something completely off the wall?  Well, we never like to say no, it’s far more interesting to say yes, so we’ve taken all aspects on and what you have is now the DreamBoy Hotel!  From the large reception-cum-bar-cum-foyer which mixes a leather sofa, pink trees and a white picket fence, not forgetting the green patch of grass at shoulder height, you have to see it to believe it!  Skylar Blu Uses the space well to take some solo pictures for his upcoming solo! The scene is set, the bedrooms and reception are full of pretty young guys ready to check in, and get checked out, and the reputation is fast spreading across the land that this Hotel is something quite different…

Now the hardest thing to do is to avoid resting back on the beds and sofas, there’s porn to be made!




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