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Nervous Interviewees Luke Desmond And Skylar Blu Suck Then Fuck On A Leather Couch

Anyone who’s ever been on an interview knows how stressful they can be. Especially if the job you’ve applied for is one you’ve never done before and you have little to no experience! Still, you gotta eat. You have to pay the bills. And you need money, right? Sexy blond twink Skylar Blu and innocent-looking Luke Desmond are in the lobby of The Dream Boy Hotel applying for work. To break the tension, the two start making out on a brown leather couch already used to fuck on by the hotel owners! It’s as if the energy of that sexual encounter has lingered and has now possessed Luke and Skylar. It’ll possess you, too! Watch Skylar go down on Luke’s huge cock and the way Luke plays with his ass and you’ll see how much. Luke eats Skylar as if he were filet mignon while his huge dick plunges into the blond and sinks in like a hot knife through butter.

while waiting to be interviewed for a job, Luke Desmond and Skylar Blue have sex in reception

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Reece Ryder And Lucas Davidson Break In A New Couch At The Dream Boy Hotel

Reece Ryder and Lucas Davidson walk into the lobby of their new joint venture and wonder what The Dream Boy Hotel will be like. It’s a gamble opening up this new concept but these two have the balls to do it and we’ll believe their endeavor will succeed! Just in case, they decide to start things off good and proper with a good cock sucking session and a deep hard fuck. Lucas enjoys sucking dick but Reece enjoys it even more. Especially since Lucas has such a big one! Hmmm. Drool. Of course, everyone watching these two have sex got wet when Lucas started eating Reece out as if he were devouring his butthole and his life depending on Reece being stretched out as much as possible. Which he was. Particularly after taking all that meat up his ass!

Reece Ryder and Lucas Davidson have sex on their newly delivered couch

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Tate Ryder Offers Up His Hole For Steve Weikman’s Huge Cock

Tate Ryder is one of those rare young men who is not only good looking, he’s got sex appeal practically oozing from his pores. He’s energetic, enthusiastic, and even better still, he’s always horny. At The DreamBoy Hotel he’s putting some finishing touches with buddy and co-worker Steve Weikman. Trouble is Tate develops a kink in his neck that needs to be worked out. Steve gladly obliges but as payment, Tate’s gotta suck his huge cock. We didn’t think the mustached, slender sex pig would object and we weren’t wrong! Tate goes to town on Steve’s big piece of meat then gets his sweet hole rimmed before taking Steve up the ass, to the hilt, and allowing himself to be used for Steve’s pleasure. Now’s that’s the kind of service we expect!

after working a kink out of his neck, steve weikman and tate ryder trade blowjobs before fucking

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