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Billy Rubens, Exclusive Interview!

We all love Billy, even though his first scene isn’t yet out on, this rising star and new exclusive to Eurocreme is already making waves in the industry, and from the look of him, it’s damn easy to see how and why! With those gorgeous lips, sexy accent and a body to die for (not least his bad boy straight man attitude) we thought it time to let you get to know him that little bit more personally…

What made you decide to get into the industry? How did you get into it?
I saw an advert in a newspaper, so I applied and did some random work before being taken as exclusive to Eurocreme!
What are the best and worst things about the industry?
The best is learning about the industry and how things work, and meeting great new people and hot models from all over the world
The worst is getting recognised from family, this hasn’t happened yet and I hope not.
What would be your ultimate fantasy scene? Who would it be with? Who would direct it?
A shower scene or underwater, it’s great fun and different. I don’t mind who with, but the best director is definitely Blacky Mendez from DreamBoy Hotel, he’s so fun and does it great.
What is it like having sex on camera compared to in private? Which do you prefer?
Well, apart from private being with girls, it’s kinda the same, I focus on the sex and the other person, I forget the camera is there most times and switch my brain off to everything else going on. I prefer both, I can’t choose.
What is the funniest or strangest thing that has happened to you during a shoot?
Well, one time I was told to give a facial cumshot so I was wanking and really excited, and I came everywhere except the face.. it was really funny but not what that director wanted..

Has working in the industry changed your personal life? Do your family and friends know what you do?
I keep them separate, I don’t want them knowing everything, some things are best for private
What are some of your hobbies? What music do you like? What TV do you like?
I like rock music best,and enjoy traveling,dancing and movies, the usual really, barcardi and coke is great fun maker!
Have you got any big projects or news on the way?
Of course, it’s me as Eurocreme Exclusive, always big things happening!
How can your fans find you? Twitter? Facebook? A blog?
I’m getting a blog made by Eurocreme guys, so watch out for it and you can comment and enjoy the real me
If you could thank one person for the help or advice they have given you with your career, who would it be and why?
It would be Blacky for being a great director and giving me the opportunity to work with Eurocreme, and the boss Steven for giving me the contract and helping me out with anything, those guys made me very happy.
If you could give one bit of advice to someone about to shoot their first scene, what would it be?
I think best to switch off your brain, but not focus on it, just enjoy where you are and who you are with, and if you don’t enjoy, it’s best to not do it. Don’t do it for money, do it for you, and have a chat with director and co-stars first, it makes things much easier.
What is the best sex you have ever had, either on or off camera?
I was in a beach in Crete with a hot girl I just met. It was really stormy and the wind was really strong, sand was everywhere but we had a great time, happy memory for me.
Who are your celebrity crushes?
Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Halle Berry, they are all really fit.. I don’t really have crushes on men, but I met pornstar Dominic Pacifico at HustlaBall and he was a nice guy, I’d like to work with him maybe one day.
Do you get recognised in clubs and do you like the attention?
I don’t go to gay clubs, so no one would recognise me. I’m not that famous yet!
Do you watch your scenes back? Do you learn from it? Does it turn you on?
Nah, I leave that for the Eurocreme guys. If they are happy then I am happy!

Now if that has got either your heart melting or dick twitching, head here to see this beautiful young man in action!

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EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes Look At August Guests Of The Dreamboy Hotel

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with The Dreamboy Hotel and all the wonderfully sexy goings-on between staff and guests, then you’re missing some really horny twinks. Between the big dick, uncut meat, and sweet pink fuck holes, there’s something here for everyone. Join JP Dubois as he takes a piss and is interrupted by Billy Rubens. But why does JP have to stop while getting fucked? What will Lloyd Adams think of his “special” delivery and will it make him happy? What exactly is it about Luke Desmond that turns Milo Taylor into a piglet for meat and mansmells? And will Lucas Davidson get the job after giving JP a shoulder massage and allowing the manager to use him as a cum rag?

An EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes for August at The Dreamboy Hotel

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Super Bottom Ashley Ryder joins EurocremeGroup

We all know Ashley Ryder, the star with the most accommodating butt in the industry, famed for taking much more than anyone else could, including super-hung stars Titch Jones and Steven Prior, has rejoined Eurocreme but in a whole new capacity.

Taking a break from being in front of the camera, Ashley is now dedicating his time learning the other tricks of the trade, camerawork, directing and casting, something he;s been wanting to do for ages!  Those in the industry are already well up to speed with Ashley as he’s been creating trailers, sending press releases and raving about the EurocremeGroup to all.  As his first porn label, Eurocreme was really excited to bring him on board in a more business sense as porn is probably the most important aspect of his life.
Of course, he’s not completely retired from performance and will be hitting the screens in some Behind the Scenes footage for Alphamale’s Hard Graft movie, out now!

Don’t forget to check him out, his full filmography is but a click away!

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Orgy Celebration Full Of Twinks At The Dreamboy Hotel

After all the dick sucking, the tongue-fucking, the huge cocks inside tight holes — as well as countless of manpower that led up to this night — the Dreamboy Hotel is having it’s Grand Opening. It hasn’t been without a few mistakes, but the boys have made up for their errors and we’re well on our way to a smashing success! And so JP Dubois declares the hotel officially open for business. But not before those who played key roles in the hotel’s opening have a twink-filled orgy. Join Aaron Samuels, JP Dubois, Jonny Parker, Lloyd Adams, Luke Desmond, Marcus Jay and Skylar Blu for a cum-filled fuckfest. What are you waiting for? Your room is ready at The Dreamboy Hotel.

At the Grand Opening of the Dreamboy Hotel, seven twinks have an orgy including JP Dubois and Luke Desmond

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Billy Rubens Films his first threeway – TODAY!

Fresh off the press and out of the camera, this photo is sure to get your heart-rate racing and need rushing to your pants!  Everyone’s favourite new Eurocreme star is on set right now filming his first threeway for The DreamBoy Hotel, alongside giant dicked star Luke Desmond and handsome newcomer to the group, Damian Boss.

We don’t want to give the game away too soon, but Luke’s getting a real bollocking from Toolman Damian, and is enlisting Billy to help him out of a tight spot, or should that be into a tight spot??  Stay tuned to find out!

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