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British Twinks Lloyd Adams and Aaron Samuels Flip Fuck

It’s the dog days of summer and Lloyd Adams is in his room at The Dreamboy Hotel, horny and unable to relax. He starts to jerk off and relieve a bit of pressure but soon realizes that nothing’s going to satisfy him but a good cock sucking and a bang-up fucking. After going online, however, it’s soon clear he can’t seem to find what he’s looking for. Oh, where shall he find what he needs? Lo and behold there’s a knock at the door. Surprised and not expecting anyone, Lloyd opens the door to find Aaron Samuels, one of the cutest, sexiest, innocent-looking piggy twinks that ever walked the face of the Earth. Once he delivers the huge box, the kissing starts, and cock sucking ensues. It’s a flip-flopping cock sucking and ass fucking session that leaves both young men quite satisfied. But, wait! What’s this? A delivery to the wrong room? needy hell. Well, at least Lloyd got some much needed relief.

Lloyd Adams and Aaron Samuels take turns sucking each other then flip fuck

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Straight Boy Billy Rubens Goes Gay For JP Dubois

Like all men, straight boys come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. But when they come wrapped in the sexy package that is Billy Rubens, even the most masculine of Tops will want to go bottom. If his lucks weren’t enough, just take a look at that sexy body, beautiful smile, and engaging accent. And then there’s those luscious, cocksucker lips. Oh, and did we mention his eyes? This boy doesn’t sizzle as much as he smolders.

Whilst taking a wicked sexy piss, JP Dubois is interrupted by the bell when Billy Rubens walks into the lobby. After he’s done (we hope he washed his hands) JP greets a very tired Billy who complains of a room that was never made before him checking in to The Dreamboy Hotel. When JP checks it out, he immediately goes into customer service mode and does anything and everything he can to please Billy. Service being the operative word here.

Hot dick sucking, great ass fucking, and fantastic cum shots await you with Billy’s load splattering across JP’s pretty face.

JP Dubois and Billy Rubens swap blowjobs before JP gets fucked by Billy in his hotel room at the Dreamboy Hotel

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