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Five-Way Orgy

Slowly undoing Daddy's zip, succulent twink Cory Prince, dressed only in a jockstrap, sucks on the thick dick bursting from Matt’s jeans, taking it down his throat and deep inside him, preparing them both for the anal adventure about to occur when the rest of the guests turn up. Blond beauty Kamyk Walker is the first to arrive, joining the pair and climbing on top of the sofa, showing his smooth butt to Daddy who wastes no time in getting his tongue deep inside. Just as Matt is getting serviced by both boys, handsome French fucker Nathan Hope joins the three to make a four and steals Cory from him and gets his big dick blown whilst Kamyk takes the prime opportunity to jump on top of Daddy dick and ride like a pro! Swiftly joined by Danny, the cute Mexican stud sits apart and gets rock hard jerking to the amazing orgy in front of him before being too tempted by Cory's exposed asshole to resist and tongues fucks him deep until Nathan takes over and fucks the boy who's now getting throat fucked by Danny, the melee of toned young bodies a perfect vision for anyone and everyone to enjoy! The heat and horniness overwhelm Nathan and Kamyk, who shoot their loads all over themselves, leaving the party to continue and grow!

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Pre-Orgy Playing – Solo

Settling down to play with his long dick, French beauty Nathan Hope gets the perfect text to help him along the way of shooting his load in a self-loving scene like no other. The tattooed twink gets a very exclusive invite to an orgy muscle daddy Matt Anders is hosting later that day. We can almost see Nathan’s dick firm up at the thought of muscle, twink and more bodies mixing together in a mass of nakedness. Stroking himself faster and faster, he balls on his shaft and his balls, letting us see every inch get harder and harder, his balls soon tightening in anticipation of the imminent orgasm he’s given himself, covering his face with his sweaty pants, he unloads himself, the milky white liquid getting rubbed into his skin and dick as he jumps up to shower and head to the party!

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Split in Half by Kayden

Tiny Cory Prince, a cute and damn sexy Spaniard gets to grips with the giant dicked Kayden Gray in an ass splitting scene like none other! His hairless ass stretched wide and fucked hard, taking all of Kayden's 9.5 thick inches down to the balls! His tight young body, tanned olive skin overpowered by a muscular and sweat drenched Kayden who fucks his upwards, side-wards and down into the bed, leaving the room dripping with sweat and spunk as Cory can't do anything as he's pinned by a dick as big as his arm, leaving him a fuck toy for the muscle stud Kayden to play with until his balls are empty and Cory is covered in jet after jet of hot spunk, the sweet smell of sweat and spunk permeating the air!

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Daddy Ploughs Danny

Slowly stripping off the young and tanned Danny Montero, blond hunk Matthew Anders can't wait to get his boy butt naked! Slurping on each other's juicy dicks, Danny's cut cock being devoured by Daddy whilst Matt's own thick slab of meat is gorged on by the cock hungry twink. Tasting each other's supple and muscled bodies, Matt moves Danny to the sofa where he sheaths up and beckons the boy on top of him, facing the camera and lowering him on his twitching dick, rock hard in anticipation of the deep butt fucking about to ensue. Working this thick dick into his boy toy, the tattooed muscle hunk kisses Danny as he pushes deeper, both guys really into each other and working that sofa hard as they flip positions, getting as deep and hard as they can. Danny's smooth young body flexing and tightening with each thrust from Daddy brings him closer and closer to a creamy finish as both loads end up over his youthful hairless skin.

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