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Daddy Wants Twink Dick

Big dicked twink Alex Silvers loves to fuck, and when it's a hot older man, his young eyes light up as the thought of pounding that hairy ass into the bed, making his daddy moan as he feels his giant dick sink deeper. Gabriel is the lucky dark haired daddy who submits to the hung twink, letting his ass get opened wide and pushed deep as he moves around it, bouncing on top, pushing back and letting the young fucker take him from on top, fucking his well versed hole with all the energy he can whilst daddy takes it! Using his muscular body to push back and get more twink dick inside him, Gabriel wants it more than ever as Alex Silvers gives it to him the only way twinks can – hard fast and with a whole load of passion that is soon spurted over daddy's hairy belly and chest!

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We Love Daddy Ass

Invited to see the ultimate fuck being flipped, we get the gorgeous French beauty Nathan Hope, a smooth dark haired young stud getting down and dirty with hairy blond muscle daddy Matthew Anders in a role-reverse spectacular where tattooed twink Nathan gets to play the dominant role and push his long beautiful dick deep into the peachy firm ass of daddy Matt. Submitting perfectly to his young top, Matthew can't help but slurp on Nathan's juicy meat, we can almost see his hole twitch in anticipation whilst his throat gets stretched first with the perfectly formed dick, letting himself get ready for the pounding he's about to get subjected to! Matthew's handsomely chiselled face screws up as Nathan slides into him but soon he's pushing back and wanting more and more of the energetic young Nathan to be slammed inside him – it's been too long for Matt to be without a hot dick up his ass and the feeling sure does take him back! The muscled daddy looking gorgeous as he's rammed into the bed by the dashingly good looking young fucker who thinks nothing of holding him by the shoulders and pulling him balls deep, over and over until the spunk shoots from them both, leaving Daddy covered in the thick white loads being mixed together on his hairy abs.

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Awesome Foursome

Kai's called to a house party, but soon gets distracted, leaving four stunning guys to grab hold of one another and enjoy the huge dicks available. Alex returns hornier than ever with cute blond boy Alex, Danish twink Johannes and hung like a horse Johan Volny, all swapping over, slowly getting butt naked and rock hard, the throbbing dicks are everywhere, you won't know which way to look to get a piece of the action! A whole chain of cock suckers develop into the pretty blond being spit roasted, including a great angle given by Johan's mighty dick before its his turn to slide deep. Johannes finishes the fuck boys triple dicking, getting that ass well and truly ploughed in a night he'll never forget.

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Big Dicked Orgy

Carrying on the orgy after two hotties shoot their load, Danny Montero and scorching hot Daddy Matthew Anders spit roast the tiniest twink ever Cory Prince on the sofa, with Matt taking a break and watching his two favourite boys fuck hard in front of him as they wait for more to arrive to join the orgy madness. In perfect timing, 3 more young studs join the party, super hung Kayden Gray, blond bottom Lyle Boyce and fit fucker Ross Drake all come together and get in the middle of the action right away! Danny jumps on top of Kayden's massive meat who slurps on Ross's dick as Lyle gets his ass eaten by Matt as Cory swops with Ross and licks around Danny's butt mid fuck and Ross is feeling every inch of Matt's thick shaft, there so much spunk worthy action it's hard to know where to look, and each one of them loving the action they're getting and giving, especially Lyle who's tucking in to Cory's dick whilst Daddy spanks that soft white ass of his! As the sweat starts to drip and the assholes get fucked hard, the cum starts to erupt from all six men, Danny shooting for the ceiling, Kayden drenching Danny, and the others sharing their loads as all good orgies must end!

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