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Twink in Charge – Lucas Phelps and David London

It's not the wardens who are in charge in this Halfway House, it's the residents, and the twinkier they are, the more they know what they want and how to get it! Young tearaway Lucas Phelps hasn't even been in the House 5 minutes before he's on his knees, looking knowingly up at older warden Dave London who having just shown him his bedroom, is backed towards the bed and Lucas isn't going to let him go until he's finished with him. Asserting his dominance and marking his territory, Lucas has a reputation that precedes him and he's doing nothing to soften it! Pulling open Dave's trousers and getting his small mouth around his thick juicy dick – Lucas isn't going to rest until his ass is stretched wide too, taking all he can from the man supposedly in charge of him, only releasing him once the cum has been splattered and he's had his fill!

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Big Dicked Bad Boy – Charley Cole and Billy Rock

Chilling in the common room of the halfway house, two just out of jail boys are wasting their time doing nothing — they're too used to life inside to know what to do any more. Tattooed bleach-blond Charley is happy to get his phone back though, as he's busy ignoring everyone around him, watching porn and playing with his giant dick, even though blond muscle twink Billy is right next to him, getting more turned on by the second. Unable to resist after catching sight of just how big Charley is, he pulls down his mates sweatpants and wraps his plump red lips around the huge cut shaft. Devouring it, eager for the taste of dick, Billy gives Charley exactly what he wants, and more! Getting his ass well and truly stretched open, Billy is fucked hard on the sofa area, flipped around and bouncing deep, taking all 9+" inside his muscled body. Shooting a huge load that hits the walls, chest, chin, everywhere, Charley pulls out and instantly shoots his own load – but that's not the end of it, Billy has another thick load inside him, much to the surprise of his huge dicked fuck mate.

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Halfway House – Behind the Scenes

The young men at the Halfway House are getting bored of trying to find a job and adjust to the world outside of juvenile detention. They want some more fun and excitement, and what do a load of horny young guys so when they are bored…? Well the answers are here inside the exclusive Behind the Scenes, where you can meet the boys, and their wardens up close and personal with interviews and sneak previews of what you can expect in the forthcoming scenes!

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Dave London Amateurs – Johny

Tall toned stud Johny sits himself down on the casting couch and Dave is quick to get the ball rolling! Getting the muscular man topless, untying his trainers and pulling his socks off, the tanned daddy can't wait to rub his hands over the smooth body and feet of his latest visitor. Stroking his big, size 9 feet as they rest directly in front of the camera, Johny stands and Dave's hand automatically goes towards his bulging crotch, eager to unzip and get a face full of nervous but rock hard dick! Johny sits back watching some straight porn, getting his dick even harder as Dave takes the opportunity to devour it, making it slick with spit and gently jerking it off until Johny takes control and shoots his load, lapped up gratefully by Daddy Dave!

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