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Getting Off

Caught after his first offence and hauled up before the station master, blond twink Lyle Boyce is given two options, a night in the cells with whoever may be there waiting for him, or do the officer a favour and get home to mummy. Shaken and nervous, super lad Lyle chooses the least worst option and plumps to give the Officer Daddy what he's asking for. Pulled up on the desk, Big T lives up to his name, tall, built and the perfect daddy for Lyle to be taken by! His stiff thick dick shoved down throats and up his peachy white ass, Lyle is fucked hard, leaving paperwork on the floor and rocking the office as his pretty pink hole is plundered deeper and wider than ever before. Laying back and taking his punishment whilst Big T works up a sweat, both of them get off, Lyle more so as he quickly gathers his stuff and runs out, still dripping with daddy’s hot spunk!

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Darren Robbins And Greg David, A Winning Combination Of Tattoos, Muscles And Big Dick!

At Eurocreme, we hope to bring you enough diversity in the porn you watch. Everyone likes them young and pretty but just as many of us like them big and buff, too! So, with that in mind, say hello to Darren Robbins and Greg David. They’re the perfect antidote to twinks, a winning combination of tattoos, muscles and big dick. Greg is hung huge, with just enough stubble on his face and chest hair to get you drooling. Lucky Darren gets to devour it all, worshipping all that big meat, his hungry ass craving for a deep rough fuck. Greg slobbers on his hole and lays into Darren like a battering ram. But we’ll confess we took great pleasure in the way Darren straddled Greg and fucked himself as if he were possessed by some sort of sexual demon. We’re pretty sure Greg did too!

Darren Robbins and Greg David trade blowjobs in a back room then Greg fucks Darren

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Alex Stevens, Jake Kelvin and Marco Strutt, Fucking With The Stars

It’s the Russian bartender’s turn to traipse through the club’s VIP room to see if the dancers need anything. But once Lucas sees Alex Stevens, Jake Kelvin and Marco Strutt getting cozy, he knows there isn’t anything he can get them that they don’t already have. So off he goes but he leaves us with the three studs who are extremely hot and horny for each other. After a daisy-chain cock sucking session and an ass rimming that leaves Jake panting and lusting for cock, tattooed pornstar Alex and thick-hung buddy Marco end spit-roasting and tag team fucking the young bodybuilder. And what a beautiful body he has, too! Don’t miss this one. Jake’s body is perfect as he’s skewered from either end.

Alex Stevens and Marco Strutt spit-roast and tag-team fuck muscle jock Jake Kelvin

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