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East Fucks West

Staying with his cousin, this Eastern European beauty is excited to be in such a great city, and staying with his gay family member has really confused him. Fantasising about this new found intrigue, it's not long until the sneaking around and private jerk-off sessions become something much more exciting for both of them! As they chat in the living room, Jonny Parker, the cock hungry bottom boy comes out with the best line in Billy Ruben's life, and wants to be the first guy he sticks his cock in! Standing up, sporting a massive hard-on already, Billy jumps at the chance, his mind still whirring with the excitement and incredulity of the situation. It's not long however until the animals in each twink comes to the fore, and the ass pounding nature of top twink Billy and hungry passive lad Jonny leave them both drenched in sweat and spunk!

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Luckas Layton Orgy

We're treated to an amazing group session with the smoothest twinks in all of London!! Waking up with morning hard-ons, all four are soon at it on the sofas, sharing rock hard cocks and having them thrust past their hot lips and down tight throats, you can almost taste the sexual tension as we watch their delicious butts get pounded, both bottom boys getting a feel of each dick ram into them all the way inside. Lead star Andy is the cute blond kid, nice and skinny and able to take cock like a complete pro, watch out for the cumshots as you'll either be running for cover or licking the screen as it sprays everywhere, soaking them from head to toe!!

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Giant Dicked Duo

Back in the bunks, cute Lucas Phelps wakes up to a hot new guy in the bed below him. Playing with his bulge whilst watching something on his phone, Lucas springs into action and throws his sweaty pants down onto the tattooed twink, his giant dick bouncing hard as he watches porn, and Lucas jumps down from his top bunk and kneels in front of the scally looking lad, his olive skin and tight torso the perfect accompaniment to that thick giant dick of his, now being swallowed by the hungry Lucas. Our horny star soon gets his own huge dick serviced, Felipe Capuco lapping at the bulging head and soon Lucas is squatting over the impressive meaty member which is quickly fucked deep, Lucas almost taking off and Felipe plunges fast, down to the balls. Vigorously fucking the hung twink, Felipe is full of the youthful energy twinks are known for, his toned body flexing is every angle imaginable as he twists his new found fuck buddy into position after position, ready to unleash his load all over his spunky balls and dick, leaving Lucas' tight pale body covered in wads of spunk.

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Barrack Butt Fucking

It's the first day of the training camp and in the barracks, new recruits Jack Green, Cameron Taylor and James Lewis are chilling out, getting to know each other. Listening in to the other two horny young fuckers, James nervously writes a letter to his mother as the talking gets hornier and hornier. Soon Jack jumps down from above him and towards Cameron, who's eager to show Jack just how good a sucker he is! Slurping down on the rock hard Jack, Cameron proves his worth, but wants something in return! Pushing Jack down onto his own stiff dick, James can't believe what's happening in front of his eyes and is soon jerking quietly in the background, taking in the sight of these two toned army boys ultimately fucking on the next bed, Cameron taking dick as good as he can suck on them, getting his ass ploughed hard and fast, flipped and fucked by the tattooed Jack until they both shoot their loads!

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ArmyBoy – Behind The Scenes

Join the recruits at Camp Dashwood as they are put through their paces, weeding out the men from the boys and teaching them just what it takes to be a real soldier in the Army. Exclusive behind the scenes access to the bunks, the medic room, the mess and even the Sergeant's private quarters, where what happens there stays there. Get to know the boys inside and out, with interviews from the cast, letting you in on unseen footage and inside knowledge of the DreamBoy movie "ArmyBoy!"

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