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Dave London Amateurs 2 – Danny

Chavvy young Danny joins Dave on the casting sofa for his amateurs and is given a quick interview, where he lets us in that he's sporting an impressive amount of meat between his legs! Dave's face lights up at this insight and teases himself by taking his time in getting the young lad to show us in the flesh! Groping him as the smooth boy stands up, he soon pulls the pants down and pulls again on the long thick semi hard cock that hangs there with a beautiful weight to it. Massaging the shaft, Dave brings it to attention and his hungry mouth is quickly swallowing it all, right down the balls! Whipping his own delicious dick out of his jeans and waving it in the face of young Danny, Dave is treated to his own blowjob in return, all the while jerking off the super hung twink Danny, who rests up, feet in the camera slurping down Dave’s thick dick.

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Dave London Amateurs 2 – Drew

Handsome hipster Drew joins Dave on the couch, chatting happily with the host who can't wait to see Drew slowly unbutton his check shirt, and what's revealed is a tasty treat for anyone's eyes! Blond fuzz on the chest and abs that are to die for, Dave really can't hold back and gets his hands rubbing all over them, down to his growing bulge. Undoing the skinny jeans, Drew's hot ass is framed perfectly and the smile on Dave's face shows just how good it feels too. Relaxing into it, and the sofa, Drew, bare feet up on the table and hard dick in Dave's hand, his rests, but those tight abs are still popping and looking mighty fine as Dave's tongue flicks over them and up to his nips. Spurting his load as Dave pumps his shaft hard, the heavy breathing Drew raises an arm to the side allowing Dave to get every last drop of cum off his beautifully hot body.

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Dave London Amateurs 2 – Scott

Bearded young man Scott jumps down onto the sofa with Dave, visibly nervous but also well up for the host to get his hands over his tight pale and slightly hairy body. Scott sounds like a proper London lad, and as his tracksuit pants are pulled down, Dave gets a nice view of that round white ass in his face! Soon laying back on the sofa butt naked, his dick is rising to the occasion nicely, the nerves now swiftly disappearing and Dave's mouth is full of amateur cock! Just how the host likes it, and Scott's tight body, armpit open to the camera and Dave is lapping at his fuzzy chest then back to the dick! Jerking the man off, Scott releases a nice thick load over himself, much to Dave's pleasure as he laps it up.

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Dave London Amateurs 2 – Marco

Cute Italian boy Marco is first up to the sofa with daddy Dave London waiting readily for him. After a quick interview, Dave wastes no time in getting the young man to strip off, showing his tasty smooth body, which Dave enjoys very much! His wandering hands are soon diving into Marco's tight blue briefs, pulling on his dick and then getting his lips wrapped around it, tasting him deep. The nerves are easily visible from the dark haired guy, but he's also enjoying every moment showing off his toned torso and by the creamy climax, he's up for more hardcore action next time!

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Josh Dors and Gabriel Phoenix – Caught Out

Seeking distractions at the end of the day, dark skinned daddy Josh Dors puts on his favourite DVD in his study and whips his juicy dick out. Interrupted halfway through by the new missus, he heads up to shower and get ready for dinner. Cue step son Gabriel Phoenix, needing him for something but finding an empty study, he sits down to use the computer, catching the DVD still on pause! Liking what he sees he plays it and doesn't even hear Josh come in, wrapped in a towel and still hard at the sight of his young charge enjoying himself! Nodding towards his engorged dick, Josh wants a blowjob, and Gabriel soon obliges, both men turned on by the porno playing, and the illicit acts they are doing to each other! Soon dropping his trousers and getting his ass solidly pounded by Josh, Gabriel is fucked into the study floor after his ass was deeply eaten by hungry daddy! His back covered in cum and Josh given his own splattering of boy juice, Josh heads back to the shower, telling Gabriel to get lost, he's got a date with his mum!

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