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Instant Three-way!

Hooking up in the club, these three lads are in for a long night full of hot sex and rampant butt fucking that will leave us all exhausted. Matt Hughes and his famous 11-inch dick are back and in fine form as it gets shared around Czech superstar Alex Stevens and curly haired Philipe Delvaux. Alex is looking so buff, his abs rippling with muscle, and his biceps bulging beyond belief! Sucking Matt's meat, he takes as much as that handsome face can manage before his ass slowly opens up with Philipe's rather thick meat as Matt shares his around and gets his tongue around Alex's rock hard cock. Proving highly versatile, Philipe proceeds to take all Matt has to offer and the cum showers begin!

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Mason Wyler, Alex Stevens and George Basten Remove Cum And Wallpaper

If you’ve ever tried to remove wallpaper, you know what a pain in the ass it is. It’s loads of work what with the steaming and all. And even then, you’re not always guaranteed a smooth finish as you pull at the wad of paper. It’s important to take breaks. Often. Like Mason Wyler, Alex Stevens and George Basten. Unfortunately, what they wind up doing during their break often results in a lot of spilled cum that can be just as pesky to remove! But what a beautiful sight to see three sexy young men kissing and sucking each other. Mason winds up getting fucked and, surprisingly, it turns out he’s just as big a cock whore as some of the other bottoms we’ve encountered! At least, that’s what we’ve surmised. Why else would he slam his ass back at George harder than the big-dicked stud can thrust? Can you say H-U-N-G-R-Y?

Mason Wyler gets fucked in this 3-way with Alex Stevens and George Basten

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Even Foremen Get Blue Balls

There’s a lot of stress involved that comes with the undertaking of any construction or remodeling project. There are anxious homeowners to please, things that go unexpectedly wrong, permits that need to be signed off on. And that’s just to mention a few! If you’re the foreman, there’s even more stress involved as you try to juggle your personal life with a demanding job and, sometimes, unruly men you need to oversee. Is it any wonder that Adam Tremadoc needs to unwind and blow off a bit of steam? And he does it the only way he knows how. The way men have been doing it since they first started walking the earth. Jerking off. Lucky for Adam, he’s about to get a little help in the form of sexy blond jock Alex Stevens. When Adam spots Alex watching him stroke his cock while jerking off himself, the dark-haired, hung foreman with the torpedo shaped cock ends up in a mutual masturbation and cock sucking session that releases the pressure and improves morale.

alex stevens catches adam tremadoc stroking his big dick and winds up sucking him off

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Nick Daniels Spit-Roasted By Roomie Alex Stevens And New Buddy Johannes Winter

Hung Canadian Johannes Winter is back-packing through Europe and one of his stops is Prague. There, he meets sexy Czech pornstar Alex Stevens and their chemistry soon becomes obvious. Alex takes Johannes back to his place to meet his roommate, Nick Daniels. When they find the dark-haired twink jerking off while on cam, a sexy threeway ensues that pits horny as fuck and eager to please Nick right in the middle. The adorable young man is more eager than a pup to please Alex and Johannes, and all too happy to be spit-roasted and tag team fucked by his jock roommate and his newfound traveling buddy. And, like with all good pups who deserve a treat, Johannes and Alex reward slutty Nick with cum facials.

alex stevens meets johannes winter and takes him back to his place for a threeway with nick daniels

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Construction Celebration Ends In 6-Man Orgy

The end of a construction and remodeling project is cause for great celebration. Anxious homeowners can finally move in and the workers can move on to the next house with the satisfaction of another job well done. It’s also a good way for the Boss to reward his employees with some stress release! Join Adam Tremadoc, George Basten, Mason Wyler, Titch Jones, Alex Stevens, and even Ashley Ryder as a celebratory poker game turns into a 6-man orgy filled with plenty of dick sucking and a double spit-roasting. Of course, we couldn’t tell if the look on Adam’s face as he surveyed his men was one of personal pride, or just great satisfaction from having his throbbing tool serviced by some of the best and hungriest cock suckers in the business.

Adam Tremadoc, Ashley Ryder, Mason Wyler, George Basten, Alex Stevens and Titch Jones have an orgy

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